Corporate Services


Lots of companies and organisations are starting to make internal changes to their canteen and what they offer employees to encourage a healthy environment at work.
Once a company has decided to take active, meaningful and measurable steps to promote the health and happiness of their own workforce, service users or students – there are lots of things to consider and introduce and nutrition can play a key role in this strategy.

Creating a healthy work environment


I offer a range of different corporate services depending on the type of company and the size. I work with you to understand how your company works and the best strategy to improve employee health and wellbeing.

While everyone’s health is ultimately ‘their own business’, there are many opportunities to help educate and influence behaviour to promote a more nutritious way of eating for the individual within the day-to-day working environment. Many people rely heavily on caffeine and refined sugar to perk up energy levels, but this ultimately results in a crash of energy, and often has severe consequences to health, all the while impacting on productivity and morale.

Changing internal habits can be achieved through direct education of employees as well as the very practical and hands-on approach of working closely with, and supporting initiatives of, a company’s catering team.

Holding nutrition groups within the company is a great way for teams to learn more about nutrition but also an opportunity for employees to engage with each other in a less formal environment, strengthening relationships and understanding of one and others wellbeing.

I work closely with companies to understand how they function, what works well and areas for improvement in order to develop a bespoke nutritional strategy. Seeing changes and improvements within a company such as staff feeling more energised, engaged, happy and able to focus on the task in hand is a highly motivating and satisfying feeling for everyone involved.

Developing wellbeing services in education


with a background in education and student support, I have a thorough knowledge of student wellbeing needs and how education environments are run. Examples of what I can offer to students (and staff!) are one-off pop-up nutrition service, student wellbeing  strategy, cooking classes and workshops / group work.

What I offer

  • Wellbeing days
  • Seminars
  • One-to-one consultations
  • Group workshops
  • Involvement in wellbeing week (I can team up with other experts and design a programme)
  • Company intranet content and blogs.

My approach is not to tell people what to do or criticise their current lifestyle choices. This will not create a positive environment for change. Instead I offer an open and communicative environment designed to stimulate behavioural change around food and lifestyle by educating staff  and together we create a motivated environment where employees feel inspired and in control of their own choices.

What I cover

  • How to boost energy and concentration throughout the whole day
  • Meeting menus to sustain focus and energy while working (not leave staff feeling sluggish and reaching for caffeine and sugar!)
  • Snack and lunchbox ideas (with cooking demo if required)
  • Eating to reduce stress and boost immunity
  • How to reduce blood pressure and cholesterol naturally
  • Weight management.