About Florence


“It’s time to forget focusing solely on the things you shouldn’t eat, reconnect with real food and start concentrating on things that you actually enjoy”.

Growing up in a family who loved to cook and eat well, Florence has always been surrounded by healthy, no-fuss food. Being raised on the belief that what we eat should be simple, seasonal and enjoyable, has not only led Florence to a lifelong love of food but also shaped the unique approach to nutritional therapy that she practices today.

Combining straightforward dietary changes, lifestyle medicine and the scientific principles of functional medicine, Florence works closely with her clients to identify nutritional deficiencies and understand their individual needs and circumstances. Her goal is to guide people to better health by reconnecting them with good food so they can find balance and happiness in their everyday lives. Her methods are often complemented by mindfulness and breath work to aid deeper relaxation and self-care which has an enormous impact on whole-body health.

Specialising in autoimmune conditions, viruses and gut health, Florence has a wealth of experience practising nutrition in a range of settings – from clinical to private, educational to corporate. Alongside a diploma in Nutritional Therapy, she is a member of Applied Functional Medicine Mentoring Programme and has gained undergraduate and postgraduate qualifications for increased expertise in diverse areas including digestive disorders, chronic pain and genetics.

Located in De Beauvoir, East London (close to Haggerston, Hoxton, Shoreditch and Dalston) her clinic is a warm and supportive space. With a background working with young adults, counselling qualification and her natural desire to help and motivate others, Florence knows how to manage sensitive and challenging cases.