Initial consultation


Duration: upto 1.5 hrs



You are required to fill in a questionnaire before the initial consultation. This will give the information for me to guide you through an in depth nutritional and lifestyle assessment. it will also give you the opportunity to list any symptoms or lifestyle struggles you are experiencing, as well as providing me with your hopeful outcome. This consultation will provide an initial health plan for you to take away.


This is for clients who are super motivated and ready to make changes, all they need is the expert information and they can put it into practice themselves. 

Ideal for: those who don’t have too in-depth a case, but want some expert guidance. 

Follow up consultations


Duration: up to 45 mins



This is useful and recommended as it gives the opportunity to discuss any changes that have taken place after the health plan has been put into place.

Follow up consultations are recommended 4-6 weeks after your initial appointment or after you have made your recommended changes from your health plan.

If you feel you would like more than one follow up appointment please see the packages that I offer.

12 week plan



This plan includes one initial and two follow up appointments.

I also include 3 x 15 minute phone calls as part of this plan.


This is for those who are keen to learn but know they are going to need help putting things into practice. A short sharp burst of consistent support over  12 weeks ensures you are working at a pace that feels comfortable for you.

Ideal for: those with small amount of weight to lose, some blood sugar fluctuations, mild or periodic IBS, mild skin conditions.

16 week plan



This plan includes one initial and three follow up appointments.

I also include 4 x 15 minute phone calls as part of this plan and email support.


My most high compliance programme giving you a comprehensive level of care and support. I do a lot of the thinking for you with frequent contact to help you reach your goals as quickly as possible. Regular sessions ensure you stay on track and can ask any questions as they come up. 

Ideal for: chronic conditions and symptoms, autoimmune conditions, or those who want fast and effective relief of symptoms with minimal trial and error.