Anthony, 32 

“Florence has been really great. We’ve been working together for a year or so now and when I look back at what I was eating before, I can’t believe it! What she’s done expertly is helped me develop a new way of making choices. I’ve learn so much and it’s been really interesting to realise that things I thought were “healthly” were actually making me feel rubbish.”

Rose, 45 

“When I met Florence I had been signed off work with stress and anxiety and I was not in a good place. She was so kind and gentle and not only did she get me eating things I thought I didn’t like (with lots of great recipe suggestions!) but she also taught me how to relax and look after myself, something I am so grateful for,”

Clemmie, 28 

“Florence has taken her time and care to establish my nutritional needs as well as consider my physical and mental wellbeing throughout this personal journey. She frequently checks in on my progress unprompted and goes above and beyond to ensure I am sticking to her accessible and fun plans. I owe a lot to Florence for truly making me feel the best I have felt for over 10 years. I would highly recommend her personable, thoughtful and thorough approach to nutrition. ”

Rebecca, 35 

“ .. What can I say?! Adult acne has now cleared up!! Florence has helped me to understand my body in a way I had no idea was possible. I have a new found confidence and consciousness in myself and my lifestyle choices. It’s been so enjoyable discovering new things to cook and choose and Florence has been supportive, understanding and never made me feel uncomfortable or judged”.